Olga Stelmakh

Olga Stelmakh

Olga Stelmakh is a Russian singer, actress, composer (traditional Russian, modern music)

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The singer has released 9 solo albums. Winner of Shanson goda award in the Kremlin.

Ist award TV channel Rossiya Zvezdny dozhd.

Olga was a distinguished guest of Belostok (Poland), Vilnius 2000 and Shlyager (Belorussia).

She had concert tours in Japan, Israel, Germany and France.

She was awarded the Talant and Prizvanie prize at the Ist World Peace Congress that took place in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Olga received awards of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Governor of Moscow region. Olga Stelmakh is an honoured artist of Moscow region.

The great creative success of the project is the “Country of Yesenia” on the verses of the great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, where Olga Stelmakh was the author of music. The premiere took place in Moscow 2016 with the participation of People's Artist of Russia Vasily Lanovoy.

Master of my dreams


You feel like an inadvertent touch of affectionate south breeze that blows from the ocean each time you meet her. This young and svelte lady with glowing eyes is like made of sun rays. Swarthy and beautiful face, bush of light, as if faded in sunlight, and long hair, her southern temperament flares up from time to time during the conversation and her eyes studies your soul just like a deepest ocean underworld. That is not a complete portrait of famous songbird  Olga Stelmakh.

This impression is not occasional. Olga was born in sunny Yevpatoria (Crimea). Her childhood passed there. Olga speaks that her native city endowed her with love for sun and sea. This love attends her everywhere.

Olga has got acquainted with a magic world of music in Yevpatoria, so her singing destiny began early. First time she acquainted with music listening her father, playing accordion. Olga had started to join in a song before she learned to speak. So she has got a music memory and ear for music. And Olgas mother gave her an inflexible will and sound human stubbornness. Neither mum, nor dad had no relation to professional music, but his talent and her character helped Olga with her not easy life way, helped her to be a professional artist.

At 15 years old, she decided to go up to Higher school of music in faraway city Kursk. She passed examinations successfully, although she was all alone in a big and unknown town! The future songbird understood that her only vocation is to sing. She could hear her favorite performers for hours. She played piano and song.

Olgas human strong personality became apparent in Kursk. So she didnt want not to live in a dormitory that was similar to a summer camp, where everything is subordinated to alien orders. She admits that her constitutive temperamental is a personal violence unacceptance. Olga hates when one starts to command and oblige her to do something. She hates to submit outside rules. Then she rented a room for her scholarship. Olga entrusts only her mind and heart.

Next she proceeded with her education in Moscow National University of Art and Culture after the music school. On the first course she has got with the master of Russian song variety and popular composer  Vyacheslav Dobrynin. So she became a leading soloist in company 8 (8 March). Soon, they realized their first disk  (You are my sweet) on the firm (Melody). Olga worked successfully for two years in this collective and finally understood that she cannot live anymore without audience and spectators. After the group breaking up she had no doubt. She started recitals.

In two months she came out on top on the festival (Star Rain) with a Vyacheslav Dobrynins song written by versus of Larisa Rubalskaya (Take your pinks). Olga went to the tour round with a solo concert program. The audience has loved that song. Since then Olga is a welcome guest everywhere.

She has got acquainted with the master of Russian Chanson  Mikhail Krug during this tour. He presented her a song (You are late). Olga considers this song like the best one in her repertoire. Her first single disk  (Take your pinks) was recorded in Tver.

The second disk    (The kiss under water) was recorded in 1995. Olga played in public everywhere. She played in small halls of provincial towns, on big open stages, and on scene of the Big Kremlin palace.

Each time, she has had new and different spectators on her concerts. But the performance occasion was only  to present a holiday and pleasure, to return belief and hope, to hand love, of sea and sun that lives in her soul. Olga is always glad to sing, where audience want to hear her songs. She is always glad to help someone with her talent. In 2001 she sang for Russian soldiers in Groznyy. The representatives of Federal Power awarded her a special reward  (Combatant).

Olga Stelmakh often concertizes abroad. She was invited like a guest of honor on a popular Polish festival Belostok, -98 (Smash hit  98) and 2000 (Vilnius 2000). She was invited in Japan, Israel, France, Turkey, and German.

Russian best talents and poets have sized up her professionalism. Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Mikhail Tanich, Michael Krug, Sergey Chelobanov, Sergey Trofimov, Larissa Rubalskaya, Andrey Derzhavin, Lydia Kozlova, Igor Azarov, Regina Lisits, EvgenyMuravyyov, Kirill Krastoshevsky, AndreyKosinsky, Olga Kulanina, Galina Ayvazyan have been cooperating with a famous Russian siren. Realize of her third album   (With love 2006) was unexpected and very-very pleasant present for her admirers. She says that this album is the most significant work in her life. Album mainly considers the chanson songs. Olga officially announced: Chanson is first of all is a song of soul. This soul loves people and life. The artist may be the most sincerely, the most open, the most fair only in chanson because it is impossible to lie when you sing in this style. You cannot lie in soul and in heart. All my life I wanted to sing such songs. You give yourself to people  everything, without a balance, without slyness, without inventing. These songs are similar to me, and I am similar to them 

Many of her lust songs have started to be the riots on such Russian radio stations as (Chanson) and (Police wave). You may always hear such famous songs as -酻 (Play over and over), (Close my eyes) or (Birthday). Many authors, artists and composers helped her increation of the album. In 2007 she realized a new album named  , (Don`t cry girls). The most favorite song: - (Shan tan cafe), (Lady Boss),  , (Dont cry girls), (Two strings) and (You love me).

In 2009 she realized the album (Its time). Here one may mark out the songs   (Birds fly on south)  (A. Derzhavins music, S. Kostrovs words), (Not enough)  (I. Azarovs music, R. Lisitss words), (Wedding Ring) in duet with Viktor Korolev and (Anna Karenina) in joint authorship with Lidia Kozlova.

In 2009 the record studio (The night taxy) recorded the single concert video DVD (Close my eyes). Very bright, dynamic and soulfull heatacher was working.

In the beginning of 2010  The new album with 19 songs   (The best and new) is realized.

In the November of 2010  Olga presented her new album (Mummys record). Here one may find the famous songs of A. Severniy and V. Krestovskiy that were popular during 1970. Theyare (Mummys record), (Clouds), (Smoke of your cigarette), (Spring tango), (Poor boy). The album includes 12 songs, and the main theme  the songs that have passed through times.

In 2013 the album (The land of Eseniy) was realized. The album includes 12 songs (music by Olga Stelmakh), poems written by the Great Russian poet of Sergey Esenin (18951925).Russian traditional music has developed in modern sound. The album presents the music genres: walts, tango, romance, lyrical ballad, popular music

Unfortunately it is hard to find this lady at home. Every day she is somewhere. Every day she is occupied, recording on musical studios, music video, participation in airs, meetings with journalists and, new performances for us. Her tour schedule is always planned densely. In 2006 and 2009 Olga, sang for Russian soldiers in Khankala, Nazran, in Ingushetia and in Chechnya. Everywhere her concerts awarded with a hot applauses and love. In 2007 she was awarded with Chanson of Year  2007, on the Main stage in the Grand Kremlin Palace. This year Olga was awarded with the medal Talent and Calling on the first World Congress of Peace that passes in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. She has awards of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, of Ministry of Internal Affairs, of Governor of the Moscow region. Olga acted in cinema in a leading role in the series C in 2012. The premiere of this film took place on NTV channel.

Olga Stelmakh is a creative, sensitive and adoring the song person. First of all she appreciates when a song has soul. I fill, when artist lies. I fill, when he is not given to a song whole his soul and spirit. Often I see, that I sing one song in different ways each time. So, I can surely say that I sing with my heart.

Olga loves to read books, to journey, to visit art exhibition, and of course to go in for sport.

And she really loves with all her soul the sun light and sea. And the sun is a thing that evokes sunlight from itself  by the words of one old wise man. And else one moment! Ives Montan called his memoirs Du soleilplein la te^te  that means The head is full of sun.It corresponds with Olgas inner world.

Her career proceeds, and she speaks surely: I am grateful to destiny. I still have what to say and I always have about what to sing

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